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House Surtova

Noble house
Source: Stolen Land, pg(s). 65

House Surtova1 is the current ruling family of Brevoy, and the oldest and most influential Brevic noble family.2 Their original holdings are the environs of Port Ice in northern Issia on the shores of the Lake of Mists and Veils. Their claim to the throne is linked to Nikos Surtova giving the hand of his daughter, Myrna Surtova, to Choral the Conqueror in marriage. This marriage allowed the house to keep its power as a staunch ally of House Rogarvia. In 4699 AR, during the Vanishing, House Surtova was able to use its high position to immediately claim regency until the Rogarvia's returned.34

The Surtovans are known as careful and cunning diplomats. Before Choral the Conqueror invaded, the Surtovans were pirates and raiders, and the family still has many connections with the pirates and brigands of the region, many of whom are distant relations of the Surtova clan. One of the more active pirates of the Lake of Mists and Veils, Captain Vali Dobos, is rumoured to have a close connection with the Surtovas, although he keeps his lineage hidden.5

Recent history

A prospective alliance between House Surtova and House Lebeda that would have symbolically united Rostland (Elanna Lebeda) and Issia (King-Regent Noleski Surtova) and brought some much needed stability to fractured Brevoy, fell apart in 4718 AR when the king's sister, Natala Surtova, accused Lord Lander Lebeda, head of House Lebeda, of treason. Lord Lander disappeared soon thereafter, leaving the would-be bride to return home in humiliation. Since Lord Lander had been accused of harboring revolutionary sentiments numerous times during his youth, most of the Brevic nobility believed the Surtovan accusations. The notable exception were members of House Orlovsky, who claimed that the facts supporting the purported treason were contradictory and unclear, and countered that this was most likely Surtovan foul play. This has caused a significant fracture between the houses of Surtova and Orlovsky, one that threatens to escalate into armed confrontation.67


The Surtova family motto is "Ours Is the Right," which likely reflects their belief in a right to rulership of Brevoy since their family formerly ruled Issia as a group of crafty pirate-kings. Their heraldric crest is a gray ship in front of fields of blue on the lower half, and black with silver stars on the upper half.48

Notable Surtovans


King-Regent Noleski currently rules in New Stetven, but the family's traditional holdings are farther north at Port Ice, on the shore of the Lake of Mists and Veils.


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