Poul Orlovsky

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Poul Orlovsky
Titles Lord
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Aristocrat 4 / Warrior 4
Gender Male
Homeland Brevoy
Organization House Orlovsky

Source: Stolen Land, pg(s). 64

Lord Poul Orlovsky is head of House Orlovsky of Brevoy. He prefers to keep his house above political difficulties, but is running out of time in responding to the disappearance of House Rogarvia. He has yet to declare allegiance to Noleski Surtova as anything besides Lord Regent. Soon he will not be able to stall any longer and must either support a king he finds illegitimate or fight to overthrow him.[1]


Sylvanna Orlovsky is Lord Poul Orlovsky's niece. She is the captain of House Orlovsky's forces and the formal representative of her house in the Brevic town of Zmeyka, though often she acts as his ambassador further afield.[2]


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