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Canon question

Hey little cannon question that could do with answering. In the campaign setting it say: "Founded by a Taldoran gladiator and hero of the Fifth Army of Exploration that mapped the riverways of the unsettled territory dozens of centuries ago" but in Taldor Echoes of Glory it states that the Sellen was explored by an earlier army again to quote "Taldor’s famed General of the 1st Army of Exploration is celebrated in this one-block diameter statuary garden (area 5). Every statue represents one of Porthmos’s famed victories in the Verduran Forest and along the length of the Sellen River to Sevenarches." I want to say which army of exploration founded Tymon. I've also founded several other references saying that the fifth army of exploration was the army that was lost in the Mwangi Expanse. So do people think its ok to assume that this was just a minor error/typo?--Cheddar bearer 00:21, December 10, 2009 (UTC)

Based on our Canon policy, the Campaign Setting and issues of Pathfinder Adventure Path are the top tier and supersede any conflicting sources except for errata or clarification from a member of the Paizo editorial staff. As such, I'd say that the Campaign Setting is ok. I don't see why the Fifth Army of Exploration can't have explored several different locations throughout Golarion. It's also possible that the First Army of Exploration went through the Sellen as well as the Fifth, and that the specific founder of Tymon was a member of the latter force. Since Sevenarches and Tymon aren't on the same branch of the Sellen, I don't see the two sources as necessarily conflicting. If we had separate articles citing every mention of both the First and Fifth Armies of Exploration, it might be easier to deign their respective timelines and areas of influence, but we don't have those yet. For the time being, I'd include all the information you can, and cite both sources, falling back on the canon policy and denoting such conflicts should they arise. In either case, we should never assume something is a typo or error on the part of Paizo, and should ask for clarification on the Paizo messageboards if we can't logically resolve a conflict ourselves. — yoda8myhead 05:01, December 10, 2009 (UTC)
Guide to the River Kingdoms also refers to the Fifth Army (page 57) - although it wouldn't preclude both armies getting involved at some stage I suppose.Amethal2 19:26, March 23, 2010 (UTC)