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For help writing an article about a person, see Help:Writing an article about a person.

{{Person tabbed}} is for use in any article about a non-player character (NPC) in the Pathfinder campaign setting. It is preferably used where the NPC has changed considerably between versions and documenting its differing stats in 1E and 2E is valuable. All parameters are optional and can be left blank, though it is preferred to include as many as possible; if undefined, these optional parameters will not appear as part of the template. The recommended image size is a width of 250px so that it will completely fill the infobox without increasing its size.

For people who exist in only one edition of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, use {{Person}}, which does not include the edition-specific tabs. Furthermore, the "Both editions" form of {{Person}} is preferred for all NPCs unless they vary significantly between editions.

This template is based upon the Person template located at the Forgotten Realms Wiki, and is extended from {{Creature}} to use the Tabber extension.


{{Person tabbed
| image        = 
| name         = 

| titles       = 
| aliases      = 
| homeland     = 
| alignment    = 
| traits       = 
| gender       = 
| level        = 
| deity        = 
| edicts       = 
| anathema     = 
| dob          = 
| death        = 
| destroyed    = 
| organization = 
| companions   = 
| imagesof     = 
| source       = 
| page         = 

| 1E-titles       = 
| 1E-aliases      = 
| 1E-homeland     = 
| 1E-alignment    = 
| 1E-race         = 
| 1E-gender       = 
| 1E-class        = 
| 1E-deity        = 
| 1E-dob          = 
| 1E-death        = 
| 1E-destroyed    = 
| 1E-organization = 
| 1E-animal       = 
| 1E-spiritanimal = 
| 1E-familiar     = 
| 1E-eidolon      = 
| 1E-companions   = 
| 1E-cohort       = 
| 1E-imagesof     = 
| 1E-source       = 
| 1E-page         = 


Use this infobox template for unique sentient creatures. For creature types, species, and unique non-sentient creatures, use the {{Creature}} or {{Creature tabbed}} templates.

Common parameters

image (optional)
An image of the person. The recommended size is 250px, but if larger the image should scale to fit the template.
The name of the person. This should be the name by which the person is most known.
ibtype (optional)
The infobox type. You can override "Person" in special cases, such as for iconic characters. This should be used sparingly!

1E- and 2E- parameters

These parameters can appear in either edition, with potentially different values.

titles and 1E-titles (optional)
Any official titles held by the person.
aliases and 1E-aliases (optional)
Any alternate names that represent the person.
homeland and 1E-homeland (optional)
Either the person's place of birth, most frequent location, or both.
alignment and 1E-alignment (optional)
A link to the person's alignment, if known. For example, if the character is Lawful Evil, link to [[Lawful evil]].
gender and 1E-gender (optional)
The person's gender, if any.
deity and 1E-deity (optional)
If known, the person's religious beliefs.
dob and 1E-dob (optional)
The person's date of birth, if known. If the person is still alive, you can use {{Age/AR}} to calculate their age to the present day of Toilday, 3 Lamashan, 4723 AR per the canon policy's provision that time in the Pathfinder campaign setting corresponds to the real world.
death and 1E-death (optional)
The date of the person's death, if known. If both dob and death are known, you can use {{Age/AR}} to estimate their age at death.
destroyed and 1E-destroyed (optional)
The date of the person's final destruction, if the person returned in some alternate form. If both dob and destroyed are known, you can use {{Age/AR}} to estimate their age at destruction.
organization and 1E-organization (optional)
Any organizations to which the person belongs.
imagesof and 1E-imagesof (optional)
If there are images categorized for this person, enter the name under which those images are categorized to display a link to the appropriate category. For instance, to make a link to Category:Images of Ileosa Arabasti appear, add the imagesof parameter with the value Ileosa Arabasti.
source, page, 1E-source, and 1E-page (optional)
The source wherein the person was first published or from which the most information is available. Link the title, and include page number if possible.

2E-only parameters

When used, these parameters appear only in the 2E tab.

traits (optional)
The person's traits as defined in Pathfinder Second Edition, including ancestries, found in the colour-coded horizontal list near the top of a person's stat block. Use the correct 2e trait box, such as {{2eTrait|Large}} for
in this line: see the example and Template:2eTrait for a bigger selection. These boxes are shown at the top of the infobox.It's fine to omit this if there is not a statblock for the person in 2E.. For more information about traits, consult the Core Rulebook or the Pathfinder Reference Document.
level (optional)
The person's level.

1E-only parameters

These 1E-prefixed parameters do not have 2E equivalents.

1E-race (optional)
The race or species of the person. Examples include human, dwarf, elf, troll, red dragon, etc. If the person has a specific or dominant ethnicity, add it in parentheses after the race.
1E-class (optional)
Character class(es) possessed by the person, if any.
1E-animal (optional)
If the person has an animal companion, list it here.
1E-spiritanimal (optional)
If the person has a spirit animal, list it here.
1E-familiar (optional)
If the person has a familiar, list it here.
1E-eidolon (optional)
If the person has an eidolon, list it here.
1E-companions (optional)
If the person has unbonded traveling or adventuring companions, list them here.
1E-cohort (optional)
If the person has a cohort, list them here.


Ileosa Arabasti
Queen Ileosa Arabasti
{{Person tabbed
| image        = [[File:Ileosa.jpg|250px|Queen Ileosa Arabasti]]
| name         = Ileosa Arabasti

| titles       = Some dead lady
| aliases      = 
| homeland     = A hole in the ground
| alignment    = [[Lawful evil]]
| traits       = {{2eTrait|Dead}}
| level        = -1
| gender       = Female
| deity        = 
| dob          = [[4687 AR]]
| death        = [[4708 AR]] (aged {{Age/AR|4687|1|1|4708|1|1}})
| destroyed    = 
| organization = [[House Arabasti]] (Formerly [[House Arvanxi]])
| companions   = 
| imagesof     = Ileosa Arabasti
| source       = Guide to Losers LOL
| page         = 99

| 1E-titles       = Queen of [[Korvosa]]
| 1E-aliases      = 
| 1E-homeland     = [[Korvosa]], [[Varisia]]<br>formerly [[Cheliax]]
| 1E-alignment    = [[Lawful evil]]
| 1E-race         = [[Devil|Devil-bonded]] [[Human]] ([[Chelaxian (human ethnicity)|Chelaxian]])
| 1E-gender       = Female
| 1E-class        = [[Aristocrat]] 2 / [[Bard]] 16
| 1E-deity        = 
| 1E-dob          = [[4687 AR]]
| 1E-death        = [[4708 AR]] (aged {{Age/AR|4687|1|1|4708|1|1}})
| 1E-destroyed    = 
| 1E-organization = [[House Arabasti]] (Formerly [[House Arvanxi]])
| 1E-animal       = 
| 1E-spiritanimal = 
| 1E-familiar     = 
| 1E-eidolon      = 
| 1E-companions   = 
| 1E-cohort       = 
| 1E-imagesof     = Ileosa Arabasti
| 1E-source       = [[Crown of Fangs]]
| 1E-page         = 57