Temple of Desna's First Dream

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The Temple of Desna's First Dream is a soaring temple of glass, diamond, and magic, formerly located in the city of Xin-Edasseril in Thassilon.1

The Temple of Desna's First Dream was built atop a menhir far older than Thassilon. The crux of ley lines that shifted from its original location long ago, this menhir dates from when Golarion was still young, and is believed by the local Kellids to be the original site where Desna dreamt and transformed from her original alien form into her current humanoid form, which accounts for the temple's connection to the Dimension of Dreams.1

Near the end of Thassilon, the temple became a place for Runelord Belimarius to conduct her research into the Dimension of Dreams. On the eve of Earthfall, the Temple of Desna's First Dream was wrenched from Xin-Edasseril and relocated to the Dimension of Dreams by Desna herself. To this day, it is one of the few permanent sites in the ever-changing dreamscapes. It is now patrolled by animate dreams and other monsters of the Dimension of Dreams. The central gate is locked by powerful abjuration magic; nearby doors lead to Belimarius' treasuries, guarded by the dreamthief hag Ezshathera and her coven.1


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