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Teriarch is title given to the unquestioned governor of the Absalomian town of Diobel. The teriarch is appointed by the Grand Council of Absalom, but once installed he cannot be removed. His office is in the Hall of the Teriarch, which also holds the town's court. The teriarch's only rival for power in Diobel is the wealthy Kortos Consortium, and the two constantly battle for control of the town. The current teriarch is Scion Lord Avid of House Arnsen, who was appointed by his former friend, Gyr of House Gixx, Absalom's former primarch. The primarch created the title of teriarch and gave Arnsen the position in repayment for years of loyal political support, but instead of seeing it as a reward, Arnsen saw it as a demotion and exile from the City at the Center of the World.123


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