Kortos Consortium

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Kortos Consortium

Commercial (criminal)
Control of the town's trade
Source: The Hydra's Fang Incident, pg(s). 5

The Kortos Consortium is a guild of merchants that controls a significant part of the trade between the cities of Diobel and Absalom. Its managers are also the chief political rivals of the teriarch, Lord Avid of House Arnsen.12 While on the surface the Kortos Consortium is an open merchant's collective, accepting anyone willing to pay dues, it is in fact a semi-covert crime syndicate specializing in running contraband in and out of Absalom.345

Many of the organization's members hold elected office or have high social positions in the port town of Diobel, which enables them to reach even higher levels of success in their shady business endeavors.3 Their positions of authority enable them to actively persecute those not affiliated with the Consortium, and "righteously" turn smugglers over to the authorities in Absalom, both eliminating their competition and strengthening their ruse of legitimacy.3

Prominent members

House Locosta
A pretentious Chelish family led by Palraxi Locosta that claims to trade in Qadiran spices but secretly trades slaves6
House Margruel
Known for its charitable works and growing fleet of merchant vessels, and is led by Alvalda Margruel6
Prince Lyrel Rambas
A false noble who leads a violent crew, to considerably profitable ends6


The consortium's base is the gray stone Consortium Citadel, a stalwart building overlooking the Bristles. The building is trimmed in green and festooned with pendants and banners for its member commissions and families.7


The Kortos Consortium sometimes cooperates with the Aspis Consortium when there are opportunities for both to advance their agendas, but they have no formal agreement.4 It is also on generally good terms with the folk who live in the interior of the Isle of Kortos, as they make up the bulk of the labor in the Consortium's fur, mining, and lumber trade.8


The consortium hosts an annual trade fair, with free food and drink to workers and their families, in springtime.9


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