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Level 19
Adjective Terotricus

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 311

Terotricus are enormous, evil slime molds hailing from the Abyss.[1]


A terotricus appears as a wave of biomass rot, but in actuality, the creature exists as a sort of shared consciousness among all creatures it has infected, be they fey, demons, or otherwise.[1]


Terotricuses are shockingly agile, able to contort their bodies with alacrity to climb, burrow, walk, and even swim. The creatures can drain forests and swamps of their vitality, spreading their own rot and consciousness among plants and the like nearby. Finally, the spores of the terotricus act as incredibly effective mind-control agents, dominating their targets.[1]


Originally from the Abyss, the creatures hitch rides as spores on demons or simply find their own way to the Material Plane, where they prefer to reside. Terotricuses are especially common in Sarkoris and the Sodden Lands, where demonic hosts for the terotricus's spores are easier to come by.[1]


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