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Titles Herald of Cayden Cailean
Cerulean Liberty
Unfettered Lady
Our Lady of the Fair Seas
Alignment Chaotic good
Race/Species Outsider
Gender Female
Homeland Elysium
Deity Cayden Cailean

Source: Children of the Void, pg(s). 86–87
Type Outsider
(chaotic, extraplanar, good, herald, shapechanger)
CR 15
Environment Any (Elysium)

Source: Inner Sea Gods, pg(s). 282

The five-winged Thais is the herald of the Accidental God, Cayden Cailean. She normally appears as a 15–foot tall woman with angelic features, but can also change her size to be anywhere from 4 to 32 feet. She wields a crystalline halberd called Tyranny's Foil, borrowed from the armory of Milani.[1][2]

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