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Tooth fairy

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Tooth fairy
A tooth fairy.

Any urban or plains
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 262

Tooth fairies are tiny, malicious fey with a perverse urge to steal the teeth of humanoids.1


A tooth fairy is gaunt, with tattered ears, black eyes, a huge mouth and mismatched teeth. It carries an oversized pair of dirty, bloody pliers.1


Tooth fairies are created when a willful child's tooth (or a whole child) is buried in a place strongly connected to the First World. At night, tooth fairy gangs raid humanoid settlements, confusing and horrifying their victims with their sudden appearance before lulling them to sleep and pulling out their teeth. Some tooth fairies paralyse victims with their bite to prevent them from escaping, while others torment theirs with their pliers and listen to the ensuing screams of pain as the victims awaken. If stolen teeth are small enough, tooth fairies use them to replace their own lost teeth, while bigger ones are used to decorate their dwellings.1


Most tooth fairies build their lairs in ruins or hollow trees, except for the Kamasatch Tribe, who built an entire fortress, Tusk Castle, almost entirely from stolen teeth.2

On Golarion

A gang of eight tooth fairies make their lair in the Devil's Nursery slum in Kintargo. Every few nights, they murder a victim to harvest their teeth.3


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