Torgra Stigardsdam

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Torgra Stigardsdam
Torgra Stigardsdam and her animal companion, Steelbristles

Animal Companion
Source: Seekers of Secrets, pg(s). 62f.

Torgra Stigardsdam is a formidable dwarven strategist. She has learned much about combat from years first of fighting the hordes of trolls and giants that plague the Mindspin Mountains, then as an Inner Sea mercenary, and finally as a seasoned Pathfinder.1

The ranger posses many quirks that make her a nearly unique dwarf. She has an engaging and bawdy sense of humor, telling tales of battles. She drinks little and is rarely in her cups, but she occasionally partakes of a cup of fine wine.1


Torgra is always ready for a fight, her steely blue eyes are keen, and her magical dwarven waraxe at the ready. Her banded mail is well-maintained, as is her boar's barding. Her long, thick, blonde hair is kept in two neat, banded braids.1

Animal companion

Steelbristles is Torgra Stigardsdam's foul-tempered boar companion. The ranger claims that she saved him from a Shoanti feast, which might explain his loyalty and adoration. He is fiercely protective of Torgra, fighting at her side or flanking her opponent. Even allies are only grudgingly tolerated.1


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