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Trazel Rainwater

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Trazel Rainwater
Aliases Rainwater Razor
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Fossegrim
Class Skald 5
Gender Male
Homeland River Kingdoms
Deity Gyronna

Source: A Song of Silver, pg(s). 86

Trazel Rainwater is a mass murderer who stalks the River Kingdoms, from the Hooktongue Slough down the Sellen River, known as the Rainwater Razor. Few know of his true nature as a fossegrim exiled from his waterfall home by cultists of Gyronna, an act which twisted his nature and caused him to convert to Gyronna's worship. Charming and clever, Trazel preys upon all sorts of unsuspecting suitors, inspiring them to improve their lives, then pushing them to perform a morally repulsive act that taints their soul; then, he cuts their throat and offers them to Gyronna. Gyronna seems to despise Trazel, punishing him with curses and sending priestesses to kill him, but he views the former as a sign of the attention of his 'mother' and the latter to be sacrifices to be offered to her.[1]


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