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Twilight pitri
A twilight pitri manasaputra.

(extraplanar, good, lawful, manasaputra)
Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 168-169

Twilight pitris, or barhisads, are the middle caste of manasaputras who started their path to enlightenment in the preceding multiverse.1[citation needed]


Cut off from the Cosmic Fire, twilight pitris are not capable of spiritual incorporeality, unlike other manasaputras.1[citation needed]


During the previous multiverse, twilight pitris were mortals who ascended to the ranks of manus. Surviving the natural end of their native universe, they were incarnated into the current multiverse as twilight pitris.1[citation needed]


The form of the twilight pitri is filled with challenge, as becoming one is among the greatest trials in the path to absolute enlightenment. Twilight pitris are cut off from the Cosmic Fire, forbidden from entering it, and are forced to pursue enlightenment without its guidance. Exile from the cosmic source is considered to be a test in spiritual suffering and self-sufficiency: each twilight pitri must look elsewhere to achieve enlightenment, which is both challenging and spiritually taxing. Failure will either end in the destruction of the twilight pitri or demotion into a manu until this multiverse is replaced by the next. Success turns one into a solar pitri in the next multiverse, although most fail and are reincarnated as manus before finally succeeding.1[citation needed]

Because twilight pitris are disconnected from the Cosmic Fire, their wisdom can sometimes seem imperfect, and their actions can accidentally work against enlightened truth, despite their intentions. Twilight pitris often act in unexpected ways due to their inscrutable minds, and their lack of connection with the Cosmic Fire often makes them seem disconnected from other manasaputras. A handful of kumaras enjoy and find wisdom in their sometimes alien and unexpected modes of thought when they leave Creation's Forge.1[citation needed]


Twilight pitris meticulously search the Universe for and study the most promising individuals, societies and worlds. Chosen mortals are taught what is necessary to achieve their next stage of enlightenment.1[citation needed]

Many manus owe their acceptance as a manasaputra to a twilight pitri, but they intuit how disconnected their former teachers are from the cosmic source of all things, their words filled with half-truths and blind paths despite their best intentions. Manus still respect twilight pitris and understand the importance of this test, one that they may have to face in the future, but also try very hard to avoid asking a twilight pitri for counsel.1[citation needed]


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