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Solar pitri

(extraplanar, good, lawful, manasaputra, mythic)
22 / MR 8
Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 166-167

Solar pitris, also known as agnishvattas, are the highest caste of manasaputras.1[citation needed]


Solar pitris' very presence, if their power is unrestrained, is deadly to living beings. Witnessing a solar pitri shifting from corporeality to incorporeality from afar can blind mortals. Creatures that come close to a solar pitri are scorched by its boundless, radiant energies, and some cults believe that being burnt to death this way will purify their souls.1[citation needed]


Each solar pitri is the embodiment of a soul that lived many thousands of incarnations in at least one previous multiverse and successfully achieved enlightenment without the guidance of the Cosmic Fire as a twilight pitri. According to most stories, at the dawn of creation, solar pitris took pity on the mortals confused by the teachings of the twilight pitris, who made them overly rational and lacking the compassion and empathy necessary for true enlightenment. The solar pitris intervened, and granted those mortals a place in cosmic reincarnation. Scholars speculate that this was the first step that led to the evolution of samsarans, though many samsarans insist that they are early forms of what will later become the next wave of manasaputras.12[citation needed]


Final expressions of enlightenment, solar pitris have guided the development of all life for aeons. Solar pitris possess singular focus on the development of the entire multiverse and all its denizens to another cycle of reincarnation when this multiverse is eventually replaced by the next.1[citation needed]


It is generally believed that solar pitris are masters to a number of twilight pitris and manus, but the exact relationships are contradictory, which can be explained as transcription errors, the variety of names known by the kumaras, or shifts in the manasaputra caste system.1[citation needed]

Solar pitris rarely interact with other creatures. Most information about them comes from lesser manasaputras' teachings, the traditions of samsarans who believe themselves connected to manasaputras, speculation of occult thinkers, dreams of eccentric mystics, and the few historical accounts of kumaras actually interacting with mortals. Only monumental reality-shaking events can draw the attention of solar pitris, otherwise they spend their time pondering unknowable truths and guiding other manasaputras from the heart of Creation's Forge.1[citation needed]


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