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Source: Anvil of Fire, pg(s). 56

Tytarian is a charismatic, powerful, tactically gifted fire giant warlord who rules over a great alliance of fire giants working for the Storm Tyrant Volstus. He is the commander of Ashpeak, a military complex that trains elite soldiers and provides equipment to the Storm Tyrant's armies.1


Tytarian was the eldest son and heir of the previous king of Clan Brandrik. He has a younger twin brother named Tybris, who later left their home to found Clan Bardris, but remained close to his birth clan. After succeeding his father, Tytarian married the cleric Quivixia, and together they had two sons and two daughters, including the half-fiend Hyrokkin.1


Tytarian grew up during times of plenty: volcanoes were active, nearby humanoids were disorganised, and dragons were sleeping or busy hunting. Clan Brandrik's population exploded, as there was little attrition from conflicts. After his father was slain by a dragon, Tytarian took over the clan's leadership.1

Clan Brandrik gradually expanded its territory by raiding nearby humanoids and fighting monsters. Tytarian and Quivixia sent their children (except Hyrokkim) to other clans to exchange techniques and foster political marriages.1

When the local humans, weary of constant raids, hired mercenaries to wipe out Clan Bardris, Tytarian lost both his brother and younger son, who was fostered there. Out of grief, he personally came to massacre the mercenaries and the village, but fell into lethargy afterwards. When offered an alliance by Volstus, Tytarian saw a way to establish and ensure giant dominion, and accepted.1

Tytarian began uniting nearby fire giant clans into a great coalition under Volstus. He chose Ashpeak, a dormant volcano not in any clan's territory, to serve as his main base. He forbade all juvenile fire giants from being housed there, understanding too well the pain of loss and ensuring that no parent would have to mourn for their children, even if he were to be defeated. As the other clans saw the advantages of allying with Tytarian and keeping non-combatants safe, Ashpeak's population has swelled and can fully dedicate themselves to training and crafting equipment.1


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