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Umasi1 are an isolated group of humanoids notable for their strange way of healing; they cannot heal themselves except by using parts of other creatures' bodies.2


As a result of their healing method, umasi often appear as an amalgamation of many different ancestries and can differ greatly from each other, though they tend to remain humanoid.2

On Golarion

There are multiple umasi settlements in the Bandu Hills and Kaava Lands in the Mwangi Expanse, where they are termed Harvestmen.34 Some of them live alongside ghouls and hunt for people's bodies to use, but many are peaceful people who seek to cause as little harm as possible.4


  1. In 1E, "Umasi" was always capitalized (as were "Harvestman" and "Harvestmen"). In 2E, "umasi" is usually written in lower case. In both versions, the name is used for both singular and plural forms and when used for the former, "an umasi" is used when the indefinite article is needed.
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