Bandu Hills

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The Bandu Hills stretch from Desperation Bay on the coast of Vidrian eastwards into the heart of the Mwangi Expanse.1 Vidrian claims the western part of the Hills.2 They are named after the Bandu, a typically bloodthirsty tribe of Bekyar.3

The Hills have a bad reputation, rumoured to be inhabited by restless spirits and angry undead as well as the warped descendants of forgotten peoples. However, veins of gold, emeralds, and sapphires beneath the Hills still attract prospectors.4


The Hills can get very hot; average summer daytime temperature is 110° F, reaching as much as 120° F at midday. Even in winter, temperatures vary between 75° F and 90° F. Temperatures can fall by as much as 30° F at night.5



Arzikal, also known as the City of Hungry Spires, is a ruin that appears to have been ripped apart and stacked into spires by an angry deity.6

Barkskin Lake

At certain times of the year, the waters of Barkskin Lake in the western Hills have magical properties. When conditions are right, the water is said to temporarily toughen the skin of those who drink it, lending it the appearance and consistency of tree bark.7

Farsouth Mine

The Farsouth Mine is located near the border between Vidrian and the Mwangi Expanse.1

Mines of Deeptreasure

The Deeptreasure Mining Company has a hidden base, the Mines of Deeptreasure, somewhere on the edge of the Hills.7

Mount Nakyuk

Mount Nakyuk is the highest point in the Bandu Hills.1

Stasis Fields

The entrance to the Stasis Fields, a massive underground prison complex discovered in 4516 AR, is located deep within the Hills.7


Dwarves from Janderhoff began mining the Hills for valuable metals in 4158 AR, and they were followed by gnomes searching for gemstones. Between 4189 AR and 4199 AR, the dwarves disappeared without a trace, leading to fighting breaking out in the Hills numerous times between groups of prospectors.7

The Bandu Hills are also home to a population of hobgoblins, many of whom left to fight in the Vidric Revolution. Ending up on the losing side, these hobgoblins stole ships and fled into the Fever Sea to avoid focusing the retribution of the newly formed nation of Vidrian back on the Bandu Hills. These ships formed the mercenary Bandu Fleet.8

The Bandu Hills are rumoured to be infested with undead and other restless spirits. Bestial undead namorrodors occupy parts of the Hills that are coterminous with the Netherworld.9


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