Unfettered eidolon

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Unfettered eidolon
The Archivist, an unfettered eidolon.
Type Outsider
(Extraplanar[1] or native[2])
CR Varies
Environment Any
Images of unfettered eidolons

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 110–111

When the link between an eidolon and its summoner is somehow destroyed, or in some cases when an eidolon is crafted from other outsiders, the eidolon is free to act and roam the Material Plane independently. Such an eidolon is known as an unfettered eidolon.[1][2]

An unfettered eidolon is no longer connected to its home realm, often resulting in madness. The runes that once represented their bonds become burning scars. Despite the severed connection, an unfettered eidolon can continue to evolve on its own.[1]


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