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The term extraplanar can be used to describe two distinct concepts in metaphysics:

  • Something not native to the current plane. Indeed, the antonym of this usage is native.
For example, an outsider native to a different plane than the Material Plane is an extraplanar outsider with regard to the Material Plane, while an outsider native to the Material Plane is a native outsider in that plane. Likewise, when a native of the Material Plane travels to another plane, that creature is considered an extraplanar creature with regard to the destination plane. (One exception involves the transitive planes, to which no creature is native; all creatures that inhabit transitive planes are in transit from one plane to another.)[1]
  • Something that exists outside of any plane. This usage is most often applied to magic that creates unique states or dimensions beyond the reach of any plane, and is sometimes used synonymously with (or incorrectly in place of) the terms extradimensional or nondimensional.
For example, a bag of holding stores objects in a tiny extradimensional space. While this space is naturally also extraplanar, the term is less specific and should be avoided in favor of extradimensional.[2]