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My goal is to update this wiki with all the published information on Hell and devilkind.



  • POIs
  • Forked Pyre - Rest of POIs (hell unleashed 41)
    • Conflicting sources


  • Market of Breaths(Book of the Damned, Hell Unleashed, Distant Realms)


(Twice Damned Prince 63, Book of the Damned 140, Great Beyond 40, Prince of Darkness 8)

  • Objects related to Erebus- fangs of Erebus, nightskin, treasures of Mammon
  • Magadaz (In Hells Bright Shadow pg84)
  • Typhilipede and Wax Tower (hellfire compact 88) <- Need to add more


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(BtBoH pg70+)

  • Appearance - Not happy with wording
  • Worshippers
  • Clergy
  • Rituals- "game" they play
  • Temples and Shrines
  • Unholy Symbol
  • Unholy Text✔ - Still need to create additional pages
  • Number of horns? Every text description says 3 but art does not.
  • Aksha BoD130
  • Created infernal contracts PoD/BoD
  • Relations: Barbatos, Geryon, Baalzebul, Moloch, Asmodeus, Hell, Doloras


  • Mammon's son(Council of Thieves, origin MoF 7)


(The Inferno Gate)

  • Molechs
  • Unholy text
  • Moloch and Szuriel - possible allies? (BoD96 Inferno, Gate72)


Queens of the Night

Sources in infoboxes conflict heavily. 1e vs 2e may be easy enough to split, but Mahathallah's section in Dance of the Damned also conflicts with ISG giving her 3 different sacred weapons

Just make notes in the References section, so anyone understands and is not confused by something they're reading about in a Paizo text is missing. Also, some deities do have more than one weapon, so unless it's a contradiction, in this case just list all three with sources. Careful about delving too deeply and trying to understand the ways of Hell... --Fleanetha (talk) 12:24, 29 November 2022 (UTC)


Scarmiglione, Draghignazzo, The Diaspora

  • "Heck, even in Golarion's solar system we have two malebranche lingering who don't even have planets anymore—but still have designs in that region of the multiverse."
  • "Scarmiglione is the malebranche that once presided over one of the two worlds that now make up the Diaspora. He might now offer water and other temptations to those who explore the ruins of those worlds. He's certainly more subtle and reasonable than his peer among those ruined worlds, Draghignazzo."
  • Alichino Appearance BotD 123
    • Unleashed 56

Devil Pages


Uniform layout for Archdevils and the layers of hell

  • Short intro/overview | Geography | PoI | Important inhabitants/large populations

Hellmouths - need pages✔

Quasi deity - create page (BoD)

Hellspawn BotD 234

Infernal contracts BotD 202-207

Titivilus Planar Adv. 195, Left foot only is cloven?

Herald of Asmodeus

(second darkness 6)

  • Basileus Mother of Flies 78, Inner Sea Gods 27
  • Baphon Gods and Magic pg7
  • Asmodeus Mirage
  • Baalzebul

Miscellaneous pages

Sacred weapons, animals, etc.

Notable Devils

  • Arro (+Inner Sea Gods 27), Calamyar✔, Fristax(+Inner Sea Gods 27), Liyamzam✔, Marago✔, Redomeus✔, Tursax, Vrs’vlt (MoF 69)

Find out what Script of Flies (MoF62) is

Questions to Research

Is infernal duke a title or type of devil?

[SOLVED] Infernal duke is a type, but not breed, of devil

  • Princes of Darkness/Book of the Damned - Not a breed. The greater unique devils are seemingly not counted as a breed. Strange because Advodaza are also unique but are listed as if a breed.
    • About pit fiends - "The pinnacle of devilkind" BotD221 "The most powerful breed of devils" PoD31
    • Advodaza, despite having unique appearances, are not actually "unique" and therefore are classified as a breed.
  • Inner Sea Bestiary - "Meanwhile, he sought ways to rebuild his diabolic power and his store of souls so one day he might buy his way back to ducal favor in Hell." - So Lorthact is clearly stated to no longer have his position of nobility within Hell, yet he still possesses the abilities making it seem like infernal duke is more of a breed or type rather than a title.
  • Princes of Darkness does not list Lorthact (the only known fallen infernal duke) in index of dukes, but was added in Book of the Damned so definitely still an infernal duke despite holding no power in Hell.

Are the Asmodean Monograph and Disciplines the same thing?

[SOLVED] They are the same

  • Inner Sea World Guide 218, Campaign Setting 106
    • "His doctrine is recorded in the Asmodean Disciplines, although that work is greatly simplified and relies on numerous appendices and supplementary volumes."-Both texts are exactly the same
  • Gods and Magic 7, Cheliax Empire of Devils 25, Divine Anthology 3, PoD 43
    • The Prince’s doctrine is recorded in the Asmodean Monograph, though that work is greatly simplified and relies on numerous appendices and supplementary volumes"-GaM
    • "The most crucial to the worship of Asmodeus is his sacred text, the Asmodean Monograph. The earthly version is a mere 1,000 pages, and its supplemental texts number in the hundreds—each focusing on explicating a greater truth, adding codicils and caveats, or filling in lacunae in the original text. These volumes, alone of all books in Cheliax, are immutable by human hand; changes come from the heart of Hell or not at all."-Cheliax
    • "Asmodean Monograph (Asmodeus): This massive tome covers religious rites, lessons on writing contracts, and musings on the nature of power."-DA
  • The two books have the same description. Asmodeus having two holy texts is never mentioned and only one is ever referenced in a source.

Should infernal duke and malebranche be added to devil species list?

  • Also, BotD calls them breeds not species. May need name change
  • Malebranche are created in a process very similar to how other breeds are promoted
  • Only difference is that each member is unique
  • There are unique devils among other breeds

Do the archdevils seek to overthrow Asmodeus

[SOLVED] Just an excuse to have fun ordering them in likelihood of betrayal (CoT 5)

"The other archdevils constantly vie for his power, but none have managed to ever outwit or overpower the Prince of Hell."-wiki/"The eight other archdevils have long sought Asmodeus’s throne, but to date, none of them have been able to displace the Prince of Darkness from his position of power"-ISWG - Conflicts with a lot of other info.

  • Extremely Unlikely: Belial(Created him, would be dumb if he was given the desire to), Mephistopheles(A being of absolute order, would never go against the chain of command unless Asmodeus was to change, which definitely wont happen), Geryon("[F]ew things in the multiverse prove more ironclad than Geryon’s rarely given word" *Depends on what the Only Vow actually said, but considering Asmodeus made the deal, it is most likely unbreakable)
  • Very Unlikely: Dispater(has gotten bored with ruling Dis, so going after all of Hell would be strange, but he does like ruling...), Mammon(Only seems to care about wealth and Asmodeus has given that in spades, but ruling Hell would give the potential for even more wealth), Baalzebul(Seems like an obvious contender but is more complex. Hates Asmodeus for what he did, but only wants to return to being Asmodeus's right hand man. His pride does not extend to him thinking himself above Asmodeus)
  • Possible: Moloch(As there is no superior higher than Asmodeus, it is very unlikely Moloch will ever obey anyone else, but his obedience could potentially be exploited. A wildcard really), , Barbatos(motive completely unknown)

Are hellmouths devils?

[INCONCLUSIVE] Does not have strong enough support for either to be conclusive

  • Book of the Damned - Yes, greater devil
  • Planar Adventures - No, intelligent minor artifact
  • Lost Treasures - Yes, greater devil* Uses BoD as its source
  • Hell Unleashed - ? "cr 24 creature"

Mnemor vs Mnemor devil

[SOVLED] Actual name is Mnemor

  • Called "Devil, Mnemor" and just "Mnemor" in name of devil (Occult Bestiary 21)
  • Called "Mnemor devil" almost entirely throughout statblock and following text, however there is one instance when called just a Mnemor (OB21)
  • In the Monster CRs, Types, and Roles page, name is Mnemor under Monsters by CR, Monsters by Type - Outsider (devil), Outsider (evil), Outsider (lawful), and in Monster Roles - Combat it is also called just Mnemor. (Inside cover)

Original Seven Archdevils

Book of the Damned 140

  • It says original seven. Unless Asmodeus waited an extremely long time to appoint Barbatus, all should still be alive. That is unless there was a new one. As Mammon had been dead for centuries, it is very possible he had been replaced by the time of his funeral. The only possible replacement would be Typhon.
  • Erebus was created after Mammon's return. Thus, Mammon would not have been an archdevil at the time of his death unless he originally ruled a different layer.
  • Asmodeus is sometimes referred to separately from the archdevils despite being one, so its possible he isn't included in the count, but it seems unlikely in this case for several reasons.
  • Assuming Mammon was not an original archdevil. One would have to be excluded from the count, but none reasonably could.
  • Assuming Mammon was one of the original eight. The remaining seven rubies are from everyone but Typhon, and that means Mammon was the original Lord of the First. This seems the most likely. It also may explain the Fools' Citadels being gilded in pyrite.