Vadim Fraterni

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Vadim Fraterni
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Expert 6
Gender Male
Homeland Taldor
Deity Sarenrae
Born 4669 AR (age 53)

Source: Tomb of the Iron Medusa, pg(s). 30

Vadim Fraterni is the current owner and proprietor of the Lion Sleeps Inn near Zimar in Taldor; he is the latest of a long line of his family to own the inn.

Born around 4669 AR, Vadim is now middle-aged and a widower: he lost his wife, Marla Fraterni, to fever in 4705 AR. In nature, the death of his wife seems to have changed him: he is now sullen, quick to anger and generally gruff. Despite this change and the nature of his grief, Fraterni still retains an allegiance to Sarenrae, despite this worship being illegal and dangerous in Taldor.

Fraterni has a son, Oleppo Fraterni, who helps around in the inn despite the boy's mental slowness.[1]