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Titles Chief (formerly)
Alignment Neutral good
Race/Species Goblin
Class Cleric 3
Gender Female
Homeland Fangwood, Nirmathas
Deity Sarenrae
Organization Crookedtoes tribe

Source: We Be Heroes?, pg(s). 4

Velkik serves as advisor to the current chief of the Crookedtoes tribe, a Sarenrae-worshipping goblin tribe living in Absalom. Velkik previously served as the chief.[1]


Velkik's sight has been damaged due to her habit of gazing at the sun.[2]


Under Velkik's leadership in Fangwood, the tribe evaded conflict with nearby humans and even traded with some merchants travelling near their domain. She keeps a close eye on those who display 'classic' goblin behaviours.[1]


Velkik came into prominence after the Crookedtoes lost most of its members during the Goblinblood Wars and fled north to settle in the Fangwood, on the border between Lastwall and Nirmathas. Claiming to receive visions of the sun speaking to her, Velkik preached redemption and peace as her tribe abandoned their ancestors' violent ways. She turned her tribe's obsession with fire into the worship of Sarenrae, but her community's faith is far from mainstream due to her lack of any formal training. Over the years, she has instated numerous radical reforms: young are only leashed instead of caged, literacy is no longer taboo, and most notable of all, food is obtained by hunting and gathering instead of raiding nearby settlements.[1]