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Chief Zusgut.
Aliases The Goblin King
Titles Chief
Race/Species Goblin
Gender Male
Homeland Puddles, Absalom
Deity Sarenrae
Organization Crookedtoes tribe
Companion(s) Velkik
Images of Zusgut

Source: Flooded King's Court, pg(s). 6

Zusgut is the leader of the Crookedtoes goblin tribe in the Puddles district and the self-styled Goblin King of Absalom. He earned the position of chief by leading his people from the doomed lands of southern Lastwall to the safety of Absalom. The previous chief, Velkik, remains his closest advisor to this day.[1]


Zusgut is well respected for his leadership skills during the tribe's exodus fleeing from the Whispering Tyrant's armies. Since relocating to the Puddles district in Absalom, Zusgut has shown to be energetic and full of love for the arts. He feels he has a talent for writing plays and scripts but is frustrated by his people's disinterest towards theatre.[2]


Recently, Zusgut has made inroads with the Pathfinder Society, with him permitting the exploration of tunnels beneath the goblin tribe's new home by the Society. Furthermore, his decision to join the Muckruckers has had the effect of encouraging other goblins to follow suit. Interestingly, their noble—if sometimes calamitous—sacrifices in the line of duty have stirred a bit of faded pride in the district and in the Muckrucker organisation.[3]


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