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Level 15

Source: The Apocalypse Prophet, pg(s). 84

Viskithrels, also referred to as gluttonraptors, are predator creatures native to Zevgavizeb's Abyssal realm of Gluttondark.[1]


Viskithrels resemble quadrupedal raptors with protruding, toothy jaws, and a tangle of tentacles growing from their backs.[1]


Viskithrels are highly social creatures, and hunt cooperatively in large packs. A viskithrel that finds itself isolated will devote all of its time and energy to finding conspecifics, and may forgo finding food to the point of dying of starvation. Viskithrels never fight other members of their species, and rival packs simply avoid one another.[1]

In society

Intelligent denizens of Gluttondark, such as xilvireks, domesticate and train viskithrels. This process requires the prospective handler to convince the gluttonraptor that they are a member of their pack. If successful, this prevents the trainer from being attacked by the creatures and allows the viskithrels to be directed.[1]

Viskithrels are occasionally summoned by xulgaths. The reptilian humanoids have learned that they must summon these creatures in groups, as a single viskithrel will ignore all commands in order to find others of its kind. As summoning large numbers of creatures requires powerful magic, viskithrels are only called upon by powerful priests of Zevgavizeb or by groups that live near stable gates to Gluttondark.[1]


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