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Type Humanoid
CR 4
Environment Any underground (Deep Tolguth)
Images of xulgaths

Source: Occult Bestiary, pg(s). 61

Xulgath is the proper racial name of the ancient ancestors of the troglodytes. Their empire once spanned the Darklands of Golarion until they were cast down by younger races and became degenerate cave dwellers; the name xulgath is now reserved to the enlightened troglodytes who did not lose their intellect.[1][2]


Most xulgaths are nearly six feet tall and weigh 200 pounds. They have strongly reptilian features, including taloned feet and a spiked crest.[1]


Xulgath civilisation flourished in the Vaults of Orv in the Age of Serpents. Their great stone cities boasted advanced architecture and towering ziggurats. Their civilisation, though primitive by modern standards, was far more advanced than that of any contemporaries. However, the xulgaths were slow to progress. As the neothelids, xiomorns, alghollthus, and elder things arrived, the xulgaths were brought down. Most xulgaths died in the collapse of their empire; many survivors moved towards the surface, became bestial cave-dwellers, forgot their name for themselves, and came to be called troglodytes.[2][3]


Xulgaths carry a stench even more powerful than a troglodyte's, a result of an oily psychogenic secretion that is physically odorless but triggers memories of the foulest stench a creature has ever experienced. This substance also fuels a form of telepathic communication shared among xulgaths.[1]


A small population of enlightened xulgaths lives in Deep Tolguth. Less savage, but no less vile than their degenerate cousins, xulgaths use their intelligence to enslave other races and tame beasts as mounts and guards. They view troglodytes as weak cast-offs without the blessing of their dark gods, and kill them on sight, though many of these troglodytes still hope for acceptance by their enlightened kin and effectively protect xulgath settlements from invaders, notably orcs.[2][1]


The xulgaths were devout worshippers of the qlippoth lords of the Abyss, most prominently Shiggarreb. The xulgath believe their psychic powers are her blessing and believe that the false sun of Deep Tolguth will one day become a portal to her realm.[2]


A few powerful individuals survived the fall of the xulgath empire and sought refuge in magical stasis. Some have awakened and tried to re-elevate modern troglodytes to rebuild their lost empire, but most despise their savage kin. These so-called troglodyte paragons have glowing, emerald eyes and gold-tinged scales, live for 400 years on average, and are extremely paranoid.[4]


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