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Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Centaur (Tsolniva)
Class Cleric 8
Gender Male
Homeland Ice Steppes, Iobaria
Deity Kostchtchie

Source: Maiden, Mother, Crone, pg(s). 58

Vsevolod is the centaur war-priest of a frost giant tribe in the Ice Steppes of Iobaria.[1]


Vsevolod was the only son and heir of the chieftain of the largest Tsolniva centaur clan in the Ice Steppes. On his fifteenth birthday, he marched with a band of centaurs under the command of his sister Myrkara to fight off an approaching frost giant horde. During the raid, the centaurs were separated by a violent blizzard, and Vsevolod was not among those lucky enough to escape. The stragglers were hunted down and slaughtered by the frost giants, but Vsevolod managed to survive by hiding among the dead and resorting to cannibalism after he ran out of food.[1]

Vsevolod returned home after a year and found out that his father had died, and leadership passed to Myrkara in the absence of a male heir. She quickly accused Vsevolod of collusion with the frost giants, as he could not have survived the winter otherwise, and the clan elders were swayed by her eloquent words. Branded a traitor and kinslayer, Vsevolod was exiled.[1]

Vsevolod was seething with rage by how his sister had abandoned him to the blizzard and betrayed him. He headed north and was greeted by Geflaugr, a frost giant cleric of Kostchtchie. Geflaugr said that he was expecting Vsevolod and asked him to tell his story. With nothing to lose, he accepted and became Geflaugr's disciple, deciding that he would find acceptance among the source of his condemnation if his people rejected him.[1]

Vsevolod was adopted into the frost giant tribe and learned his new faith in Kostchtchie. The following spring, he led a frost giant raid on his old village, executing all the men who sided with Myrkara, enslaving the women, sacrificing his own sisters, Myrkara's husband and children to Kostchtchie, and imprisoning her in a cave with their corpses, forcing her to eat them like he once did if she wanted to survive.[1]

Vsevolod inherited Geflaugr's frost-thunder hammer and position of the tribe's war-priest after Geflaugr died. He became infamous throughout the Ice Steppes for his brutal raids and the bloody sacrifices he made in the name of Kostchtchie and vengeance.[1]


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