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The Tsolniva is a centaur ethnicity residing in northern Iobaria.

One of the three major centaur ethnicities in the region, the Tsolniva centaurs are known for being one of the more ruthless centaur groups. They typically dwell an area just north of Hoofwood, where they maintain a relative peace with the milder Rashalka clans.1

However, some clans range further north, and find shelter in the volcanic caverns of the Eastern Ice Steppes. These clans resort to raiding their southern kin, and are known for their ferocity and barbarity. Some of these clans have fallen into demon worship, while at least one has aligned themselves with the white dragon Sjohvor.2

Tsolniva centaurs most notable feature is their hairiness. The hair on their torsos is nearly as thick and long as the coats covering the rest of their bodies.3


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