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Watcher in the Bay

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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Wake of the Watcher
Watcher in the Bay
Type Aberration
CR 24

Source: Black Stars Beckon, pg(s). 71

The Watcher in the Bay is a sea monster that features in the local legends of the Ustalavic town of Illmarsh. Thought to be a superstition by the mayor Early Greedle, the Watcher is real: it is a manifestation of the Outer God Shub-Niggurath in Lake Encarthan.[1][2][3]

The Watcher in the Bay appears as an horrific five-armed cephalopod with preternaturally good vision and a lamprey mouth. It measures nearly 60 feet from mouth to tentacle tip. Its very presence inflicts intense mental anguish and torment on all creatures nearby; its thoughts can drive anyone that interacts with them insane; and it can swallow its enemies whole, thereafter transforming them into loyal mutant minions that regard it as their mother.[4]