Water Lord

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Water Lords
Headquarters Thuvia

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 139
For another meaning of "Water Lord", please see Water Lord (Ular Kel).

Water Lord is the title given to the local strongmen in the deserts of Thuvia's dry interior. They gain this title from their control over the region's most vital resource, second even to the precious sun orchid elixir: water. The Water Lords control the oases and extremely rare lakes of Thuvia, and are therefore an invaluable resource to anyone searching for the highly desired sun orchids themselves. Some of them are little better than thugs; cheating, robbing, and even killing outsiders if they are believed to be easy marks.[1] The most well-known of the Water Lords is Tpannon, a seemingly human man who has ruled a large part of the desert for the last 200 years, a feat many believe to be the result of continued use of sun orchid elixir.[2] Another Water Lord is Ferun Korhim.[3]

Brass dragon allies

Water Lords are always eager to gain the trust of local desert-dwelling brass dragons, knowing that these benevolent creatures will gladly share any potable water. These alliances are rare, however, as the dragons are astute judges of character, and will refuse to treat with any person they believe to be dishonest or cruel.[4] Those few who do gain a brass dragon's trust, generally exchange access to the dragon's water supply for troops to guard its lair.[5]


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