Wrin Sivinxi

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Wrin Sivinxi

Source: Ruins of Gauntlight, pg(s). 90–91

Wrin Sivinxi1 is a merchant in Otari, and as of 4721 AR has been proprietor of Wrin's Wonders since its founding in 4717 AR. She is also an astrologer and worshiper of the Cosmic Caravan.2


Sivinxi is of elf and cambion ancestry. She has the pupil-less eyes and long ears of an elf, and ram horns and a thin tail signature of a cambion. She has white hair with streaks of bright green.2


As a child Sivinxi grew up in the Kyonin village of Glitterbough. In 4711 AR, she had a premonition of a demonic invasion led by the nascent demon lord Treerazer and convinced her family and neighbors to trap and abandon the village. The frustrated demons who arrived to the vacated village were significantly harmed by their efforts.2

She came of age a few years after evacuating from Glitterbough and set off to travel, guided by her visions and her belief in the Cosmic Caravan, which she worships as a pantheon of deities. She was renowned for using her abilities to locate lost objects and odd treasures, and she set up her shop in Otari only when she arrived there with a collection too unwieldy to carry any further.2

She is well regarded in Otari, if as an eccentric. Her business is slow but she is patient and happy to live there, and is quick to make friends both in town and in her travels. She suffers from claustrophobia and avoids going underground unless necessary.2


Sivinxi wields a magical starknife, and she carries a Harrow deck and violin on her journeys.2


  1. Sivinxi was originally a non-player character in James Jacobs' home campaign set in Ravounel, and was also Jacobs' player character in a Paizo house campaign of the Extinction Curse Pathfinder Adventure Path.
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