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Xin-Grafar, the City of Golden Death, is the lost, underground treasure city of Tar-Baphon, the Whispering Tyrant, located on the Isle of Terror. Originally named Kestrillon, it was a thriving metropolis and center of magical research, protected by the now-destroyed Grafar Citadel. Tar-Baphon conquered it and renamed it Xin-Grafar in the style of ancient Thassilon, then made Xin-Grafar his treasure city and hid his vast wealth there behind a legion of guardians and traps. Later, Tar-Baphon created the Wizard-King's Pit in Xin-Grafar to entrap Aroden, but the god thwarted his trap and destroyed the Whispering Tyrant. The Pit remained open, connecting the once-beautiful island to the Negative Energy Plane as it fell into ruin.[1]

Xin-Grafar is located in a vast underground cavern lit by greenish phosphorescence and surrounded by canals of molten gold. It is built on three tiers encircled by circular walls: the First, Second, and Third Rings. All of the buildings in the First and Second Rings are plated with gold due to recurring floods from the molten canals.[2]


The adventure City of Golden Death takes place in Xin-Grafar and includes a map of the city.

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