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Type Outsider
(air, extraplanar, water)
CR 4
Environment Any (Plane of Air or Plane of Water)
Adjective xocothian

Source: Inner Sea Gods, pg(s). 291

A xocothian is an intelligent, dualistic outsider that resembles a combination of seabird and flying fish. They are closely linked with Gozreh, the deity of sea and air.[1]


Xocothians have serpentine bodies that are 8 feet long, with bird-like wings and beak and fish-like scales. They can also temporarily split into separate air and water elementals.[1]


Xocothians can fly and swim with considerable speed, including extremely rapid bursts where they can span 200 feet of distance in a matter of seconds. They enjoy playing in and with clouds, and can also envelop themselves in mist to avoid being seen.[1]

Habitat and society

While capable of communication, xocothians come across as curt and impatient with mortals and avoid most social nuance. They avoid pollution and despise polluters, even as minor as the effects of foul-smelling spells or burned garbage, and enjoy harrying ships at sea by flying past at great speed.

When not summoned individually, they congregate in groups of up to five.[1]


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