Yensiir Rimeblood

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Yensiir Rimeblood
Titles Jarl
Race/Species Frost giant
Gender Male
Homeland Realm of the Mammoth Lords
Organization Jhodagarn

Source: Crown of Fangs, pg(s). 63

Jarl Yensiir Rimeblood is the leader of the Jhodagarn clan of frost giants, who make their home in the Ortwaar Valley near the Tusk Mountains in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. The clan moved into the area in the mid-47th century AR, slaughtering the local Kellid tribes and taking control of one of their holy site: the Mountain of Frozen Echoes. There, Rimeblood discovered a magical dragon skull that claimed to be an ancient god of battle. Rimeblood used the skull to construct a powerful suit of armor known as the Armor of Skulls. Unbeknownst to him, the skull is actually the largest of the Seven Relics of Kazavon, the intelligent remains of the dread blue dragon Kazavon, a servant of Zon-Kuthon.[1]


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