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Type Animal
CR 1
Environment Cold hills and plains

Source: Monster Codex, pg(s). 124

Yzobus, called battle yaks by their handlers, are a species of herd animals widely used by hobgoblins as mounts and beasts of burden.[1]


An yzobu resembles a bulky horse with a bovine head. A pair of thick, slightly curved horns protrude from the sides of its flat forehead and four smaller prongs jut from the top. To adapt to its cold habitat, the yzobu has long, shaggy fur which often accumulates a sickening odour from the yzobu's secretions.[1]


Yzobus live in complex herds that can number in the thousands. A single herd can range over a spread of tens of thousands of square miles in a year, devouring all small vegetation and trampling what they cannot eat. Yzobus are extremely aggressive and protective of even the weakest members of the herd, making them difficult to deal with as both pests and beasts of war.[1]


Hobgoblins have mastered training yzobu and frequently use their tamed yzobus as mounts and beasts of burden. These yzobus are bred with wild ones every few generations to keep them fierce.[1]


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