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Level 16
Adjective Zaramuun

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 339

Zaramuuns are malevolent living sand dunes who spend their lives in service to fiends.[1]


A zaramuun looks all the world like a harmless, modestly-sized sand dune until the creature attacks, at which point it becomes a horrifying moving wall of earth and stone headed your way. There is little one can do to tell a zaramuun apart from surrounding dunes until too late.[1]


Zaramuuns' abilities primarily involve engulfing their victims and stealing their metal and stone objects. That aside, the creatures are able to prevent most forms of teleportation magic. They also have some degree of control over their surrounding sand and can use it offensively.[1]


Zaramuuns were originally inhabitants of the Plane of Earth until they were expelled to the Material Plane for the worship of fiends. Most zaramuuns continue this worship, though the practice has become in many ways more servitude than worship, as zaramuuns typically use the metal and stone objects pilfered from their prey to pay their fiendish masters or to lure other unsuspecting targets in to offer the fiends souls.[1]


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