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Ring archon

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Ring archon

Source: Monster Core, pg(s). 26
See also: Lantern archon

Ring archons, also known as zoaems, are small, curious archons who often serve as messengers and scouts for the forces of Heaven.1


A ring archon consists of wheels of corporeal light that spin amidst an impossible array of feathered wings, with an intense golden eye at its center.1


Most new archons manifest as ring archons and evolve into greater forms as they commit acts of goodness and purity. These evolutions are not always linear in nature; their personalities and abilities cause some archons to skip forms and others to retain a form over long spans of time.2


Ring archons can see in all directions at once from their powerful eye, which can also emit a ray of holy fire. They can also emit magical light, and can focus it in an intense line that reveals hidden beings and objects.1

They can fly, and their wings and rings of light can move in a mesmerizing pattern capable of fascinating those who perceive it.1

In desperation, large numbers of ring archons can form a gestalt being whose power is closer to the original zoaem, which split itself apart to become more efficient in service to Heaven.1


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