Hammer archon

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Hammer archon

(archon, extraplanar, good, lawful)
Any (Heaven)
Source: Scourge of the Godclaw, pg(s). 82–83

Hammer archons are the champions of the hosts of Heaven.1


A hammer archon resembles a stern-looking humanoid wielding a warhammer, and is clad in a suit of gleaming plate armour decorated with sharp lines. A hammer archon stands 10 feet tall and weighs approximately 900 pounds.1


Hammer archons are promoted from those archons who continually prove themselves in battle. This process might take millennia, but the lawful archons will brook no shortcut. Many martial hound archons and shield archons ceaselessly endeavour to rise to the rank of hammer archon.1

The most ambitious hammer archons seek further promotion to star archons by assuming command over other archons and leading them to victory or making sound decisions. Others are content to remain as hammer archons, knowing that an army should never have too many generals.1


Hammer archons spend the majority of their time in battle fighting against evil. Unless heavily injured, they require only minimal respite time. When not fighting, hammer archons are impatient to re-enter conflict, often spending their free time maintaining their equipment.1

Each hammer archon fervently guards his weapon, sometimes forming such a deep bond with it that it gains a modicum of sentience, enough to respond to their owners' moods with noticeable alterations of the symbols on their heads and hafts. A disarmed hammer archon ignores all threats until he can retrieve his weapon, which might cause him to take poor decisions.1

Hammer archons often have only cursory relationships with other hammer archons, due to often being tasked with completing assignments alone or leading other celestials. When interacting with each other, hammer archons speak only of past conquests in cool but cordial tones and never question others' actions or decisions, knowing that all of them are unflinching followers of law. When required to act as a team, hammer archons understand that the situation must be dire and often reach a consensus very quickly when discussing strategy.1

Hammer archons sometimes form close ties with shield archons. Hammer archons see themselves as mentors to shield archons and help them to ascend. This might drag the shield archons into dangerous battles that are well past their capabilities, but those few that survive will eventually ascend.1

Many hammer archons share a particular hatred for mariliths, who rival them at martial prowess.1


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