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A lantern archon.
Type Outsider
(archon, extraplanar, good, lawful)
CR Varies
Environment Heaven
Adjective Archon
Images of archons

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 18

Archons are a race of celestials native to Heaven who embody fundamental goodness and law. Archons were once mortal souls, and form the mainstay of Heaven's eternal war against the forces of the Abyss, Abaddon, and Hell. They are also protectors of the good and innocent.[1]

Archon evolution

Archons rise up through the ranks of the celestial hierarchy, modeling their progress after the metaphysical mountain of Heaven. They are first transformed from goodly souls into lantern archons, but can ascend all the way up to the most powerful star archons. From the start, these souls are helped by more powerful mentors to indulge their desire to see goodness and honesty spread across the multiverse, but particularly the Material Plane.[1]

Interactions with others

Archons prefer to motivate mortals to acts of virtue and honour, reasoning that this way, when the next threat comes, the mortals will be better prepared to combat it themselves. Archons often disguise themselves as goodly knights, of the sort legends are written about, in order to inspire those around them. Against direct incarnations of evil, like demons and devils, their actions are less subtle, charging headlong into battle, often in armies thousands strong. During these battles, the armies of Heaven act with honour, but they are not foolish, and do not sacrifice themselves unnecessarily.[1]

While archons are paragons of goodness, they have little patience for those who do not follow their strict moral guidelines. To an archon, a cruel tyrant does not justify rioting and rebellion to overthrow him; justice and the law must not be abandoned for the sake of goodness otherwise, without justice and the law, goodness cannot prosper. This approach unfortunately sometimes draws them into violent conflict with the azatas, even though archons dislike opposing their goodly brethren.[1]


Archons uniformly speak Celestial, but can also converse in Draconic and Infernal. They also possess an ability called truespeech, which allows them to communicate with any intelligent creature that has a language.[1]