Lantern archon

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Lantern archon
A lantern archon.

Lantern archons are small, zealous, evasive, and social archons who often serve as messengers and scouts for the forces of Heaven.1


A lantern archon is a pale illuminated globe of pure spiritual energy. Its light can be any hue and ranges in brightness from a candle to a torch at will, but it cannot be extinguished completely until its death. Lantern archons in general enjoy modulating their light in time with music or to amuse others.1

They make no sound as they glide gracefully through the air, and their voices are echoing and airy.2


Lantern archons are formed from shaped living light.1 Many serve as illumination fixtures in Heavenly settlements, simultaneously providing both light and surveillance.2

Lantern archons can be summoned by spellcasters.34


Lantern archons can work well together in large numbers, and in desperation can form a gestalt being comprised of nine archons that is more powerful together than apart.1

Like other archons, lantern archons can teleport at will and, in rare instances, bastion archons form when a lantern archon gestalt and shield archon fuse while attempting to swap positions via teleportation.5

Known lantern archons


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