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Hound archon

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Hound archon

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Type Outsider
(archon, extraplanar, good, lawful)
CR 4
Environment Any (Heaven)

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 19

Hound archons are outsiders of Heaven who often appear in muscular humanoid-like forms with canine heads and features. They are skilled soldiers who lead Heavenly troops into frontline war and covert incursions alike, and are trained to use greatswords as well as their claws and teeth. Many take the form of mortal dogs when dispatched by good deities to secretly guard certain people or sites.[1][2]

While typically highly disciplined and loathe to harm mortals, they mercilessly pursue fiends, particularly those that take canine forms such as barghests, glabrezus, and yeth hounds.[1]

When summoned, a hound archon prefers its summoner to find a permanent, safe home for a well-fed stray dog as an offering.[2]

On Golarion

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Exalted followers of Erastil can summon hound archons to their service.[3]

Sarenrae is served by a golden hound archon named Charlabu who takes the form of a mortal dog when aiding those in need.[4]

Milani's canine companion as a mortal, a white retriever named Nyla, is said to have become a hound archon after her master's ascension.[5]

Uaphraet, a white jackal-headed hound archon, has guarded the Basin of Elemental Corruption in modern-day Thuvia for centuries.[6]

Hound archons are also known to serve Andoletta,[7] followers of Olheon,[8] and Tanagaar.[9]