Zohir Totek

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Zohir Totek
Zohir Totek.
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Orphne
Class Sorcerer 3
Gender Female
Homeland Court of Ether
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Source: Down the Blighted Path, pg(s). 46

Zohir Totek is an evil orphne sorceress seeking to bring ruin to the dwarven town of Davarn.[1]


Zohir hails from the Court of Ether in the Darklands layer of Nar-Voth, beneath northern Andoran. She served as the apprentice of Audalot Karexin, the court necromancer, and as such enjoyed a privileged position in the society of the fey city.[1]

This life was abruptly ended when Audalot became victim of scandal, and was forced to flee the city in disgrace. Zohir followed him alongside a number of other allies, and the necromancers established a new stronghold in the chasm known as Phaedextrin's Maw, north of their former city, from which to continue their studies. This led to the creation of a growing horde of undead, which drew the attention of a group of adventurers known as the Rising Blades, who stormed the necromancers' hanging tower to halt the threat they posed. Zohir survived thanks to a sudden surge of mercy in the heart of the Blades' leader, the dwarf Delbera Axebringer, who after defeating Zohir, stopped short of delivering a killing blow and turned towards slaying Audalot instead, giving Zohir the chance to flee deeper into the Darklands.[1]

Zohir never forgot or forgave this defeat, and decided to use her powers to exact her revenge on the ones who slew her master and humiliated her in battle by turning their remains into her undead slaves and undoing all they did in life. She first obtained the corpses of Delbera's companions, who due to their shorter lifespans predeceased their leader, and unwilling to wait out Delbera's longer dwarven lifespan she led an army of duergar in an invasion of Delbera's home town of Davarn. Although this attempt was ultimately repelled, forcing Zohir to flee to her former master's tower over Phaedextrin's Maw, it achieved its goal of causing Delbera's demise. However, the attack also caused Davarn's people to militarise and to fortify the town to ward off future attacks, preventing Zohir from obtaining Delbera's body.[1][2]

Zohir bided her time until Davarn's guard dropped enough for her to storm the town once more and steal Delbera's remains and the dwarf's legendary axe Firebrand from the mausoleum where they were interred. However, a combination of the axe's magic and Delbera's spirit interfered with Zohir's attempts to raise her as an undead, shattering the dwarf's soul into seven pieces and filling the mausoleum with haunts. Zohir left her minions to deal with this matter, returning to her base with Firebrand to attempt to use the axe as part of a ritual to slay and corrupt all living members of Delbera's clan, a process hindered by the lingering presence of Delbera's faith and the weapon's own connection to the dwarven god Torag.[2][3]


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