Court of Ether

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Court of Ether

Large town
68% gremlins, 21% redcaps, 8% pixies, 3% other races
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 59

The Court of Ether is an inverted city built among and in the stalactites which form the roof of the Endless Gulf, one of the most well-known locations of Nar-Voth. Despite its prominent location, the Court of Ether is rarely frequented by the denizens of the Darklands, as it is home to Queen Frilogarma and her twisted dark fey followers.1 It is located beneath the Candlestone Caverns of northern Andoran.2


The upside-down city is built among the countless stalactites and ledges that cover the roof of the Endless Gulf connected by bridges. Phosphorescent fungi grow to extraordinary sizes in large circles among the structures, giving the city an eerie glow that can be seen for miles.1 The Endless Gulf itself is not an infinitely deep pit, although it might as well be: it stretches all the way through the layer of Sekamina into the Orvian Vault called the Midnight Mountains.2


The primary inhabitants of the Court of Ether are the dark fey who have gathered under the rule of Queen Frilogarma, primarily gremlins, redcaps, and corrupted pixies. These have bred bloodseekers to serve as aerial mounts, and are allied with a colony of gryphs.1 The Court is also home to native xorn and other elemental creatures.2

Drathnelars3 and their elemental allies keep a careful watch on the city, but dare not approach too closely for fear of the Queen's magical powers. One of the suggested reasons drathnelars migrated to Golarion from the First World was to oppose the evil schemes of the Queen and her followers.1


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