Zuhra Aponavicius

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Zuhra Aponavicius

Ruler of Drezen
Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 149

The powerful marilith demon Zuhra Aponavicius rules the city of Drezen in the Worldwound. She is one of the two most powerful of the Worldwound's many warlords—the other is the balor Khorramzadeh, known as the Storm King.2

She is considered to be a bloodthirsty general even by demonic standards, appearing to be indifferent to the casualty level among her own forces provided enemies are also dying.

Historically, the demonic forces of the Worldwound were driven back by what came to be known as the First Mendevian Crusade. When the crusaders grew complacent, the demons counter-attacked, regaining lost territory and then expanding beyond their previous borders. Zuhra commanded the forces which captured the crusader citadel of Drezen; it has been her stronghold ever since.3


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  1. The sourcebook Demons Revisited states Aponavicius is Fighter 8; however, both The Worldwound and City of Locusts refer to her as Fighter 7 and the latter source also provides a full statistics block. PathfinderWiki has decided to publish Fighter 7, therefore. We note the conflict for those that are interested.
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