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Titles The Annihilator
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Red dragon
(great wyrm)
Class Cleric 7
Gender Female
Homeland Dahak's Teeth, Shackles
Deity Dahak
Companion(s) Unguliustuk, Meshupullax

Source: Dragons Unleashed, pg(s). 4-7

The great wyrm red dragon Aashaq is a priestess of the draconic god Dahak, and makes her home on the island of Dahak's Teeth in the Shackles.[1] She has marauded the Inner Sea region for more than 700 years, her destruction drawing followers to her like a cult.[2][3]


Aashaq has enjoyed 500 years of freedom, but twice in her early life she was subjugated and held captive: first caged in her youth, then experimented on by fleshwarpers nearly 200 years later. After breaking free, she burned a swath of destruction through the Inner Sea region in her devotion to Dahak the Sorrowmaker.[2]


Aashaq lairs in the Sanctum of the Sorrowmaker in Dahak's Fang. From this base in the Shackles, she rules over the self-styled islands of Dahak's Teeth, which also include Dahak's Tooth, Dahak's Horn, and the cult-infested town of Dragonsthrall.[4] Aashaq prefers to collect artifacts of doomed civilizations, as well as trapped souls and cursed items.[2] The chaotic region's piracy provides her with useful cover and isolation, though she is quick to destroy any threats.[5]


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