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The Annihilator
Red dragon
(great wyrm)
Source: Dragons Unleashed, pg(s). 4-7

The great wyrm red dragon Aashaq is a priestess of the draconic god Dahak, and makes her home on the island of Dahak's Teeth in the Shackles.1 She has marauded the Inner Sea region for more than 700 years, her destruction drawing followers to her like a cult.23


Aashaq has enjoyed 500 years of freedom, but twice in her early life she was subjugated and held captive: first caged in her youth, then experimented on by fleshwarpers nearly 200 years later. After breaking free, she burned a swath of destruction through the Inner Sea region in her devotion to Dahak the Sorrowmaker.2


Aashaq lairs in the Sanctum of the Sorrowmaker in Dahak's Fang. From this base in the Shackles, she rules over the self-styled islands of Dahak's Teeth, which also include Dahak's Tooth, Dahak's Horn, and the cult-infested town of Dragonsthrall.4 Aashaq prefers to collect artifacts of doomed civilizations, as well as trapped souls and cursed items.2 The chaotic region's piracy provides her with useful cover and isolation, though she is quick to destroy any threats.5


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