Sanctum of the Sorrowmaker

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Sanctum of the Sorrowmaker is a labyrinthine cavern complex in Dahak's Fang island that Aashaq the Annihilator and her minions call home.1


The cave system riddles the entirety of the West Fang part of the island. Its main entrances are centrally located high on the cliff wall overlooking Fellhope Canyon. Aashaq's throne room and bloody temple to Dahak, the patron deity of evil dragons, lie deep within the complex.1


The caves are inhabited by Aashaq's primary lieutenants: the umbral dragon Borshaggat, the black dragon Meshupullax, and the umbral dragon Unguliustuk. They are also home to numerous servant creatures, including morlocks, slurks, tentamorts, and huge vermin. Devotees of Dahak in Dragonsthrall on Dahak's Horn island bring fresh humanoid sacrifices to the dragons. The victims are hauled deep into the labyrinthine complex while unconscious and left to awaken confused and lost, and the dragons and other creatures of the Sanctum of the Sorrowmaker then enjoy the hunt.1


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