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Nation The Shackles
Region Dahak's Horn
Size Small town
Population 1,070
Demographics Humans, half-orcs
Ruler Houkna Bewul
Leader Anneshalli Suwaat

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 19

Dragonsthrall is the only settlement on the island of Dahak's Horn. The island of Dahak's Horn was chosen by the great dragon-priest Aashaq when she first came to the isles of the Shackles, for her loyal humanoid worshipers to inhabit.


Dragonsthrall is a confusing collection of structures made of stones, wood, and mud, gathered on a wide bay open to the dangerous Straits of Aashaq. Over the centuries the settlement has been destroyed many times by Aashaq, her minions, its own residents, and crusaders trying to eradicate the despicable Cult of Dahak, and a new town has been rebuilt on the rubble of the old. The current Dragonsthrall was built after Aashaq herself torched the last one in 4695 AR.[1]

The chief priest of the Dragonsthrall temple is Anneshalli Suwaat, a squat, beady-eyed Osirian bully who often abuses his authority over the town's inhabitants. He answers only to Houkna Bewul, brutal master of the town and captain of the frigate Black Dragon. The docks of Dragonsthrall boasts two taverns, the Smoky Embers and the Bagog's Roundhouse.[1]


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