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Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Mythic medusa penanggalen
Class Oracle 9
Gender Female
Homeland Fallowdeep, Lastwall
Deity Xoveron

Source: Midwives to Death, pg(s). 50

Aeonte is a lieutenant of the Whispering Tyrant, charged with maintaining the facility of Fallowdeep, where she maintains a thousands-strong army of petrified creatures.[1]


Aeonte is a direct descendant of one of the first medusas on Golarion.[2]


Aeonte and her fellow custodians of Fallowdeep, Moloum Cactoa and Klrau Adleon, despise each other. Moloum views Aeonte's magical abilities as crude, while she views his alchemy as clinical and without passion. Klrau regularly intervened to prevent the two from fighting, earning him hatred from both.[1]


More than a millennium ago, Aeonte heard the call of the demon lord Xoveron and left her homeland Iblydos for Avistan. She was recruited as a corpse preserver for Fallowdeep by Klrau Adleon, who sought to undermine Moloum Cactoa for his inability to meet quotas. She uncovered Xoveron's omens within ruins and in the wake of the Tyrant's conquests. In old age, she became a penanggalen to continue pursuing her art and prophecies.[2][3]

After Tar-Baphon was imprisoned within Gallowspire, Klrau sealed Fallowdeep's entrance and succumbed to a torpor, while Aeonte and Moloum turned it into a battlefield where they fought over dominance and resources. In 4719 AR, after the Tyrant earned freedom and came to claim his legions within Fallowdeep, Aeonte mobilised her armies, delighted by the prospect of bringing ruin.[1][2][4]


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