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The Iblydan city of Aelyosos.


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World Guide, pg(s). 7 (2E)

Iblydos is an island nation in an archipelago off the coast of Casmaron in the Obari Ocean.2345 Iblydos is among the oldest known human civilizations in Casmaron.6


Very little is known of this ancient land in the Inner Sea region, although it is often grouped with other ancient empires of that continent, such as Kaskkari and Ninshabur, even though it is unclear whether they were located in the same general region.2 Those few histories which mention a connection with those lost empires indicate that Iblydos had longstanding contact with the cyclops nations of that continent, whom they labeled the "Koloran".6

Influence of Ghol-Gan

The people of Iblydos owe their existence to the cyclopes that emigrated from Ghol-Gan during that doomed empire's decline,7 and though the giants have dwindled in number since, they and humans continue to co-exist on the archipelago. The greatest mortals earn the rite of myth-speaking, in which the cyclopes foresee how that hero might attain mythic power through great deeds. Many of these so-called hero-gods have since ruled one of Iblydos's city-states, granting spells to followers and heralding in a new age of prosperity or tyranny. Since the deaths of Aroden and prophecy itself, the tradition has failed with troubling frequency.8 Now, the last hero-gods age and dwindle, and a new generation of heroes must arise to combat the greatest threat to the islands: the thalassic behemoth Ousmariku.9

These days, the cyclopes have a stable society here, though some have begun to feel that they should go out into the wider world and rebuild the former empires of their people. These cyclopes are joining a group called the Resurgents, which began about 500 years ago when a cyclops oracle named Kebekma reported having a vision of the cyclopes needing to participate in a bloody war with deep sacrifice, but it would end with Ghol-Gan and Koloran being re-established. Even though many saw these words as little more than senile ramblings, the seed of the idea had been planted and slowly spread.10


Vast mazes exist beneath Iblydos. It was within these catacombs that the minotaur race first emerged.11



Forms of wrestling originate here as well as in Arcadia. The Iblydan form of wrestling focuses on grappling techniques so that if a trained wrestler ever finds themself on the battlefield, they will still have the means to fight even if they are disarmed.13


A sea trade route called the Obari Crossing, which has its western terminus in Katapesh, passes through Iblydos on its way to distant eastern Kelesh and Vudra.1415 The Iblydan traders who have mastered this dangerous route are among the Inner Sea's most celebrated merchants, bearing exotic goods and secrets to wealthy buyers across Golarion.1

Iblydos is also home to some interesting weapons, such as the doru, gastraphetes, and phaleros.16


Iblydos is the birthplace of the mortal who would someday become the demon lord Baphomet, and his faith retains a strong following here.17

There are those in mysterious cults devoted to the belief that cyclopes are some form of divine being. These practices are generally some variant of the Adoration of the Eye.1819

Creatures and races

Iblydos is known as the birthplace of many infamous monsters, including the medusa,20 hydra,21 harpy,22 and chimera.23 The mystical race of sphinxes has almost as long a history in Iblydos as they do in Osirion.24 The race of half-men known as centaurs is said to originate in Iblydos as well.25 The bull-headed minotaur also hails from these lands.2627

Among the many dangers off the coast include portunuses, originally from the Plane of Water.28

The japalisura, Holkomion, makes his home in this nation, claiming to have rediscovered the art of myth-speaking.29


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