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Alase Brinz-Widowknife

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Alase Brinz-Widowknife
Titles God Caller
Alignment Neutral good
Race/Species Human (Kellid)
Class Summoner 5
Gender Female
Homeland Gundrun, Sarkoris
Organization Widowknife Clan
Eidolon Tonbarse

Source: Lost Kingdoms, pg(s). 52

Alase Brinz-Widowknife is a god caller of the Sarkorian Widowknife Clan who resides in Gundrun. She knows her eidolon Tonbarse—a great wolf with a glistening pelt like a starlit sky—as a lifelong companion, but is unsure if it is a deity or not. Many look to Alase and Tonbarse for aid when denied it by the Clefthorns. She secretly wishes to reclaim the old Widowknife Clanhold in the ruins of Undarin.[1]


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