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Small town
636 humans, 16 cambions, 8 demons, 5 others (when the Worldwound was still open)
Source: Lost Kingdoms, pg(s). 52 (1E)
Lost Omens World Guide, pg(s). 33 (2E)

Gundrun is a recently reoccupied town in the area previously referred to as the Worldwound, but now known as the Sarkoris Scar. The people of Gundrun are descendants of the original inhabitants of the area, back when it was known as Sarkoris.1


During the period of demonic occupation, Gundrun was the only settlement in the Worldwound where a semblance of normal life was found. Due to its distance from the heart of the demonic incursion, settlers and refugees returned to the city in order to eke out an existence and, some dream, perhaps retake their homeland.

The town itself was sacked decades ago by the demonic forces, and many of the buildings are little more than crumbling ruins. The settlement served as a hub of trade (usually through barter) with local villages scattered throughout the region. The area was also home to the demonic swarm creatures known as Kakuen-taka, the Hunger That Moves".2

Gundrun today

Since the closing of the Worldwound in 4718 AR,3 Gundrun has become a rallying and staging point for those attempting to reclaim the lands of Old Sarkoris and free it from its remaining demonic inhabitants. Followers of the Green Faith have combined with the descendants of the land's original human denizens to refortify the fort and stockpile it with supplies. Known as Reclaimers, they focus on restoring wild lands and reclaiming the sites sacred to the Green Faith, such as the mystical city of Dyinglight and a repository of ancient druidic traditions deep in the Shudderwood.4

Places of interest

A curious monument stands in Gundrun, said to be a memorial to the empyrean warriors who fell in battle with the fiends of the Worldwound. Curiously, no one can say when the monument—a stack of white marble blocks—was erected, or by whom.5


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